Interior door Prime

The fast and silent solution.
The Alpha Prime is a cost-effective solution for small openings up to 12.25 m2 and normal use. Ideal for openings used by pedestrians and materials handling equipment. This door is suitable for a wide range of applications, due in part to its very competitive price.

Brochure highspeed doors

Super silent
ideal solution for low windload
large application area
Full colour printing possible (except ISO version)

Features of the Prime

  • Door curtain of 0.7 mm reinforced plastic fabric (1.2 mm option)
  • Draught-free side seals integrated in the columns
  • With hard (Hard-Edge) or soft (Soft-Edge) bottom beam
  • Safety first with standard light curtain


  • Prime XF for higher opening speed up to 2.2 m/s
  • Prime XF ISO with insulated door curtain and up to 3 m/s opening speed!

Product data sheet Prime


Product data sheet Prime XF


Product data sheet Prime XF ISO


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Use and maintenance

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Available as standard in the following RAL colors.

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